We made it

365 days it’s a celebration, not just me and you but him, them a whole collaboration. Do you get it? can you see? Is this as big for you as it is for me? See, around this time 1 year ago to date I was afraid. Something was wrong. With me, my body it wasn’t doing the thing. You know the thing where the baby cooks and ding the timer chimes and your water breaks and the baby comes out? No my body was broken, had to be. I walked and I ran, danced… bounced on that ball, hills, stairs, a bottle of castor oil anddddddd nothing. 41 weeks…6 days and here I am. Midwife comes in every three hours and starts threatening me with a c-section, my last resort on the induction train. I ask for three more hours. She says yes. “While I’m waiting, I’m getting stronger, my strength is rising and I will run on… “I rub my belly while making figure eights on my side. “And oh how you walk with me, and oh how you talk with me…” I chitchat with the night nurse as she adjust my monitors. Ow. Why do I feel contractions? Owwwwww!

5 am and he is out. We are now three and for the past 12 months we have laughed, cried, fussed and tried to be who we thought we needed as we become exactly who we are called to be. The sleepless nights, hormonal crying spells and endless pile of laundry are worth it. I am a mother. And somehow I can see myself clearer than before. It’s been some hills and valleys but today I celebrate. We have overcome.

And did I mention the support?! The outpouring of love and kindness from those around us to our family is beyond anything I can fathom and I know God was looking out for us. Quick testimony but what are the odds that two babies from our church would be on the same formula as him and have 40 cans they didn’t need and thought to ask if we needed them? We had to make up reasons to need babysitters because people wanted to spend time with him.

Point of my story is I’m grateful. I didn’t think I would get here and with God and the Calebs we made it.

Happy 1year son.

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