To you, A letter to the trailblazer.

Thank you. It has been heavy on my heart in a time when we are so free to express ourselves, it is my duty to show gratitude to those who have felt silenced. To everyone who felt like they couldn’t let one thing go wrong or the broken pieces would come crashing down and there was nowhere safe to fall apart because you weren’t saturated with permission to speak up about your well being, mental health wasn’t priority and there simply wasn’t time to let go, thank you for allowing your children or other loved ones use you as a safe space. To the parent who was working so hard to keep stability and normalcy in the lives of their offspring, thank you for never giving up. Thank you for your sacrifice, your commitment and your display of unconditional love. Your children are still reaping the benefits of your efforts. To everyone who has put their desires and dreams on hold in order to support someone else, a spouse, a parent, a friend… Thank you, they didn’t forget. To everyone who came before me or is currently in a place where they want so badly to break a cycle and right the wrongs that are done, that is where we are. We are speaking up for the silenced. We walk away from jobs that don’t value us and excel in our passions and gifts, we can be open in public about our the state of our mental health and continue to thrive. For many that was only not an option but the backlash or consequences for things we feel are our right could change so much in their lives. To everyone who has broken down barriers, integrated systems, escaped domestic violence and oppression, fled to new and uncharted territories. Walked away from everything you’ve known in a effort to change the trajectory. You are not invisible. It’s not too late for you to share your truths with others. Truth breaks chains and eliminates to shame that come with living under a mask. I hope you are able to be free. We wouldn’t be where we are now without your strength. Never forget that we were watching you. The change may be to correct your wrongs and prevent our future from having those things be a challenge in their lives. So thank you. thank you, You didn’t give up.

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