The start of something new.

Attention world, I have something to say!

At the age of 27, I have done and thought many things but I have lacked in one area. I don’t do. I don’t do because I have the mentality of I want everyone around me to be great but that leaves no room for me to be great. This mentality has left me with a huge hole of feeling inadequate because I know what I am capable of doing and choose not to. So here goes everything. I have something to say and it matters.

The title.

I named this blog Growing up the Ewings way because I am a newlywed. We just celebrated our 8th month of marriage and through this journey I have been learning a lot about myself. I am growing up all over again with the attachment of a new identity of being the wife of Mr. Ewings. I am exploring my passions with not only the support of my faith, friends and family but the support of a man who believes I can do all things. I hope you will read along my journey as we grow and evolve.

The blog.

I have always felt like I needed a blog. Facebook was too much judgement for me and Instagram didn’t let me say enough of what was on my mind but I needed an outlet to share. I want people to know that our experiences are a gift. I look at life with the eyes of growth. I believe that God has a plan for my life but the getting there is the fun part. Join me on this ride.

I welcome this experience and all it will bring.

One thought on “The start of something new.

  1. Toni Daniels says:

    I’m proud of you Maya! You have taken a step and that is sometimes the hardest part. You’ve got what it takes. Use your tools and build your dream! Be great. I got your back. #GodIsGreater #GrowthFromTheStruggle #NoChallengeNoChange #JourneytoChange #StrongFinish #SheSoars


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